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Interesting discussion regarding using HTC Sense VS Not

Yesterday night, I posted a photo of my new HTC HD2 Windows Phone to Flickr. You’ll notice from the shot, I’ve turned off HTC Sense and gone back to the default UI seen in Windows Mobile 6.5 (Professional).

New Windows Phone: HTC HD2

Nothing against HTC’s hard work at providing a fantastic looking UI to run in Windows Mobile but I find that the Sense UI is overly complicated and too “busy” for me. I feel like its information overload. I would much rather have a much simpler UI. I hate to use this as an example but if you look at the hottest phone on the market today in the eyes of consumers – the iPhone – it’s UI is very simple and easy to use. I bet if you gave a consumer a phone running HTC Sense, they might find it complicated too. But again, I applaud the hard work HTC has done in this space and look forward to seeing where they take it. They have done a lot of great work here.

There is an interesting discussion taking place within the comments of my Flickr photo about running with HTC Sense on versus not.